Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do my teeth have taste buds?

River (3 yrs. old) was sitting on the couch a few minutes ago, playing with his tongue. He informed me that it is made up of taste buds. "Yes it is", I said. He thought about this for a moment and said, " Thats why my free chocolate tastes good mommy!"

We have been signing up for free chocolate from Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act every Friday. He gets very excited when the coupon arrives in the mail. He really loves going on a wagon ride with daddy to redeem his coupon for yummy candy bars. Today he chose skittles. Regardless of the fact that we have a huge bag of Skittles in the cabinet. They are one of his favorite candies, so this is what he got.

Anyhoo.....I told him this was true.."That is why your free chocolate tastes so good!"

After a few seconds, he proceeded to ask me, "Mommy? Do my teeth have taste buds?" "No." I tell him. "Your teeth do not have taste buds." "Whats on them?" he asks. "What do you mean?", I reply. "Well, if theres no taste buds on my teeth then what is that?" he says, jabbing at his mouth.

"Your teeth are made up of calcium....calcium, phosphorous and mineral salts. The majority of a tooth is made up of dentine. The hard, shiny layer you scrub when you brush your teeth is called enamel."

He points to his teeth and asks, " Animals? Are they made of animals mommy"??
I got a pretty hefty chuckle out of that one! He's so cute! So curious at his age. I will surely miss these days of sweet innocence when they're gone! Golly, I just love him to pieces! :))


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